• Your senior portrait should reflect who you are. Wear something you're comfortable in, but dress it up a bit.
  • Stay away from solid white or solid black tops. 
  • Also stay away from loud or busy patterns.
  • Try to work in a bright color to your outfit. 
  • If you're planning on bringing more than one outfit, one should be more dressy than the other. 
  • Girls, have your hair and makeup professionally done. Splurge a little so you look and feel a little glamorous!
  • Bring a can of hairspray for those pesky, little fly away hairs! 
  • Also bring some powder or blotting paper to dab away the shine. This is a must especially if it's a hot day. 
  • Be aware of and follow your high school's yearbook dress code guidelines. Some schools are more conservative than others. 
  • If you need more guidance, ask me as many questions as you need to and even feel free to send me links to or photos of the clothes you're planning on wearing - I'm here to help! 

Contact me for more details and to book your senior session!